Nova, pt I: The Minute Monolith

from by Human Like Me

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everything has an origin, colossal and microscopic
even if we're not sure what it is
we might come from nothing, but i doubt it's that simple
we might be fabrications trapped in our imaginations
we could be the offspring of explosions
it's hard to believe in anything
when chaos is all we've ever known
that's why it's inherent to feel so empty
and we listen to the legends they pass down and we concur
so we don't have to be alone

you're cascading but your light isn't fading
you're still candescent in your destruction
there's nothing but brilliance in your combustion

drowning in waves, miles away
i think i can (almost) see the shore
this is a dream stuck on replay
this shipwreck, this driftwood, that harbor
i feel like i have weathered this storm before

gasping for air, no refuge
the water that has capsized me
and brought us this immense deluge
gives me life and floods me with deja vu
of a halcyon memory

the future is so uncertain
i get paralyzed with overwhelming fear
i'm lost in my thoughts and i've lost where i think i should be
i've lost who i am and i've lost another year
as many times as we've seen it through
there's no telling what tomorrow brings
always making mountains out of molehills
i never knew i was wrong about so many things
we're all slowly dying, mostly from the suspense
waiting and wondering
when will anything make any sense?
and even now when it's so hard
there's some kind of strange beauty in all of this
we can believe everything's for a reason
but it's hard to keep sight of the light in this darkness

this is what you get when you put your faith in something so abstract:

unanswered questions
that beg for resolution
will be our downfall


from Genealogy, released March 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Human Like Me Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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