The Warmth

from by Human Like Me

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your memory resonates within me
like an immersed scream
unless they’re right about reality
being one really long dream
a melody that rings out from my mind
an echo filled with static
your warmth crushes my concept of time
forever feels like an elapsed instant
walls of words that i’ve saved up inside
are about to collapse any minute
and bury me underneath
a convulsion of your cacophony

i get distracted by your dexterity; your ease never ceases to astound

this abyss is yet to take form
first the earthquake then the flood
bloodshed will be forgot in the ensuing storm
left in the cataclysmic wake
of your overwhelming downpour
letting you freely flow was my first mistake

mesmerized by all your sights and sounds
my senses are about to overflow
your infectious refrain colors the most vivid pictures in my brain
i’ve repeatedly retraced the outline of your waist
and your lingering taste should have dissolved long ago

why can’t i transcend your eyes and envelop you in an eclipse?
how can i erase you from my mind when i can’t even get your flavor off my lips?
the current’s finally calm, the water stopped its thrashing
but the recollection of your scent sends tremors through me again
the words you whisper waltz through my dreams
evaporating all my oceans of optimism
into empty brooks and streams

we forget every day how small we are
but maybe this phenomenon is all we are

eternity spans only this moment
can i ever feel something besides empty?
we are always moving forward and evolving
but you are all i see


from Genealogy, released March 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Human Like Me Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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